Company Profile

Company Profile

Onur Turizm; In 1998, the main activity area was established as personnel and student transportation. With educated, dynamic, team spirit and managerial staff, we continue to grow rapidly by adding the leading institutional companies of our country and contemporary educational institutions to our service portfolio.

Onur Turizm; Despite its establishment as a family business, it has attracted the attention of the market and continued to climb as a serious service brand as a result of customer-oriented quality service concept, unconditional customer satisfaction, originality of work style and mutual trust.

Onur Turizm;  Personnel, private, excursions and student transport, especially in the other branches of the industry continues to operate successfully. Onur Tourism continues to grow by adding the leading corporate companies of our country to its portfolio day by day.

Onur Turizm; We provide our service with more than 500 vehicles. All service vehicles are careful for internal and external cleaning and periodic maintenance is done with care and timely. We also have tow tools and are ready for duty at any moment. In addition to this, comfortable heating and cooling systems are ready to use complete equipment and equipments (first aid kit, traffic set and fire extinguisher), all kinds of equipments according to weather and road conditions, vehicles with insurance and personal accident seat insurance.

* Customer-focused activities, effective communication, development-change and continuous improvement and future customer expectations by meeting the sector,

* To make decisions based on facts, To implement the innovations in the sector in the fastest way, To comply with the laws and legislations related to the sector, To increase our efficiency through management approach with targets,

* To ensure that every customer is able to perceive Onur Turizm as a company that uses safe, punctual, comfortable, stable and advanced technology, so that every company can establish a reference for the next customer request.

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